URGENT: Calls need to Legislature

Key Pro-life votes in House of Delegate & State Senate Committees Scheduled

Dear Pro-life Virginians,
The Virginia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will get it's first hearing during the Sub-Committee meeting of the Courts of Justice on Wednesday afternoon. This life saving bill will prevent all abortions after the point at which science can prove that the unborn child is capable of feeling pain.  Also, VSHL has just learned that the Senate version of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (PCUCPA), SB 637, will come before the full senate Health and Education Committee on Thursday morning,  Feb. 2.
See below for a list of all members of the House Courts of Justice Subcommittee and Senate Health & Education Committee.  If you live in the districts of any of these members of the House of Delegates or State Senate please contact their office today!  Please ask your Delegate to support bill HB 1285 and your Senator to Support HB 637.

 House Courts of Justice Subcommittee
Name (party-district) Capitol Office District Office Email
David Albo (R-42), Chairman (804) 698-1042 (703) 451-3555 [email protected]
Rob Bell (R-58) (804) 698-1058 (434) 245-8900 [email protected]
Ben Cline (R-24) (Co-Patron)
(804) 698-1024 (434) 946-9908 [email protected]
Todd Gilbert (R-15) (804) 698-1015 (540) 459-7550 [email protected]
Charniele Herring (D-46) (804) 698-1046 (703) 606-9705 [email protected]
Jackson Miller (R-50) (804) 698-1050 (703) 244-6172 [email protected]
Richard Morris (R-64) (804) 698-1064 (757) 773-1645 [email protected]
Ron Villanueva (R-21) (804) 698-1021 (757) 216-3883 [email protected]
Vivian Watts (D-39) (804) 698-1039 (703) 978-2989 [email protected]

Senate Health and Education Committee

Name (Party-District) Capitol Office District Office Email
Steve Martin (R-11), Chairman (804) 698-7511 (804) 674-0242 [email protected]
George Barker (D-39) (804) 698-7539 (703) 303-1426 [email protected]
Dick Black (R-13) (Co-Patron) (804) 698-7513 (703) 406-2951 [email protected]
Harry Blevins (R-14) (804) 698-7514 (757) 546-2435 [email protected]
Charles Carrico (R-40) (804) 698-7540 (276) 236-0098 [email protected]
Tom Garrett (R-22) (Co-Patron) (804) 698-7522 N/A [email protected]
Janet Howell (D-32) (804) 698-7532 (703) 709-8283 [email protected]
Mamie Locke (D-2) (804) 698-7502 (757) 825-5880 [email protected]
Louise Lucas (D-18) (804) 698-7518 (757) 397-8209 [email protected]
Jeff McWaters (R-8) (804) 698-7508 (757) 965-3700 [email protected]
John C. Miller (D-1) (804) 698-7501 (757) 595-1100 [email protected]
Steve Newman (R-23) (804) 698-7523 (434) 385-1065 [email protected]
Ralph Northam (D-6) (804) 698-7506 (757) 818-5172 [email protected]
Dick Saslaw (D-35) (804) 698-7535 (703) 978-0200 [email protected]
Ralph Smith (R-19) (Co-Patron) (804) 698-7519 (540) 206-3597 [email protected]

If you are not sure of which district you live in, you can find out here on the VSHL website.

Again, if you live in the districts of the members on these committees, please call and ask them to vote in favor of this critical pro-life bill!

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act bill number in the House of Delegates is HB 1285 and in the State Senate is SB 637.

Thank you for you help and support.  Please do pass this message along to your friends. 
If you have not yet signed the VSHL petition to support this law please take a moment to do so today as well at www.vshlpetition.org!
For Life,
Olivia L Gans,

Please share this message with all of your pro-life friends.  Calls from people within these districts are very important to make sure we win these critical votes.

<updated 2-1-2012 to add note that Delegate Cline is now a Co-Patron>