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 Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion


Prevent Taxpayer-funded Abortions inVirginia's health care exchanges  

-- Contact Your Legislators to support

Governor's amendments

Have you contacted your state legislators yet to prevent abortion funding in the new Virginia health care exchanges?


We are exactly one week from this year's veto session of the General Assembly, when the vote on the Governor's amendment to SB 921 and HB 1900 will be voted on. It is vital that the members of the GA hear from concerned pro-life Virginians like you! 

You can get the contact information for your legislators below.

Please tell your legislators to support the Governor's amendments to stop taxpayer funding of abortion.

Can you help VSHL spread the word? Please donate what you can to help us let others know about this important vote!


Sincerely for Life,


Olivia Gans Turner, President



Email and Telephone List for 2013 -- Virginia House of Delegates: 

 Virginia General Assembly

Email and Telephone List

Telephone List for 2013 -- Virginia State Senate: 

Virginia Senate

Phone List